Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing uses Internet channels and Internet technology to promote your company, products, and services. It provides a set of tools and strategies to help businesses increase their online visibility, reach new customers, and remain top-of-mind with existing customers.

The Internet Effect

The Internet has given consumers unprecedented access to information, and has forever changed the way companies do business. Customers no longer just hear the marketing message – they comment on it, critique it, ‘Like’ it, and discuss it with their peers. In short, customers now have more control over your marketing message than you do.

For businesses, the Internet provides a great opportunity to reach customers, interact with them, and influence them at all stages in the buying cycle. Whether through their website, e-mail, social media, or other channels, companies are listening to customers more closely and engaging with them directly. Digital marketing provides the strategic framework for this engagement, along with the tools that companies need to thrive in this environment.

The Role of Traditional Marketing Channels

Traditional marketing is still important in many industries, but in most cases, digital marketing is taking a leading role. Customers research products online, listen to opinions from their peers, and spend a good amount of time doing their homework online before making a purchase decision. Companies need to be attentive to customers across many online channels, and be available to help them make an intelligent buying decision.

A combination of digital and traditional marketing techniques is often the best way for companies to reach the widest possible audience and provide buyers with the information they need, when they need it. The key is to choose the right mix for your business and use the tools effectively.

How Can Inbound Digital Help?

Some companies have been slow to adopt this new online paradigm, and many are not sure where to start. Inbound Digital helps them through the confusion, and works with clients to develop marketing and product strategies for stable and reliable growth opportunities.

Some of the digital marketing services we provide:

  • Review of digital marketing programs along with recommended improvements;
  • Audit all online properties and implement marketing services to build brand awareness and a strong online presence;
  • Build and optimize websites for strong SEO results and lead conversions;
  • Develop lead generation websites using WordPress and Wix.
  • Set up content marketing plans for businesses to promote their expertise and establish their industry leadership;
  • Develop eCommerce websites with WordPress and Shopify to bring retail businesses online;
  • Create and implement social media marketing and paid search campaigns to drive website traffic and generate new leads;
  • Set up email marketing programs to deliver productive content to current clients and remarket services to former clients;
  • Develop and run workshops in digital marketing, small business marketing, content strategy, social media, and Google Analytics.


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