Why Measure Your Marketing Programs?

Many businesses, especially small businesses, still don’t recognize the need for Marketing.  Some even confuse it with Sales. It’s often seen as an unnecessary expense because, many times, marketers don’t measure the return of their marketing programs. Companies only see money going out the door but can’t link those expenses to sales.

As a business owner, you want to know that your marketing efforts are effective. Businesses are no longer content with spending marketing money and not knowing whether they are getting a return on their investment.

Here is a quick checklist of some of the important things you should monitor regularly to make sure that you digital marketing programs are on track.

What Should Be Measured?

Website traffic:

  • Who is visiting your website: new vs. repeat visitor, demographics, location, desktop vs. mobile traffic …
  • How are visitors finding your website: organic search, paid advertising, social media, email, referrals …
  • What are visitors doing when they get to your website: navigation, behavior flow, bounce rate …
  • Keywords visitors are using to find your website

Website performance:

  • Loading speed.
  • Optimized for SEO: content, landing pages, keywords, proper URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, image tags …
  • Optimized for conversions: calls-to-action, subscription forms, contact forms …

Social media:

  • Social media engagement: likes, shares, followers, mentions, click-through rate, …
  • Which social media channels are driving traffic to your website?
  • Which social media channels are generating leads?

E-mail campaigns:

  • How good are your mailing lists?
  • What messages or offers entice customers to open the e-mail or click on your offer?
  • Are you getting leads or sales from your e-mail campaigns?

Competitors’ websites:

  • What keywords are driving traffic to their website?
  • What websites are linking back to their website, and what are the quality of those links?
  • Where do they rank in SERPs for specific keywords?