About Inbound Digital

Inbound Digital LLC specializes in providing digital and product marketing services in two key business segments:

  1. Technology-based businesses: Inbound Digital was founded by B2B marketers and technology professionals. We understand technology, and more important, we understand how customers use technology. We work with companies to develop comprehensive marketing strategies to build a strong online presence, promote their industry expertise, develop products for sustainable growth, and position themselves as industry leaders. 
  2. Entrepreneurs and small businesses: Many small companies don’t recognize the need for marketing, and aren't sure how to use their website, social media, and other tools to promote themselves and their products. We help them develop marketing strategies using both online and traditional programs to build awareness for their brand and generate new leads.

John Biancamano, President of Inbound Digital, has held senior management positions in marketing, sales, and product development with technology companies for more than 25 years. He has a background in information systems, software, and mobile technology, and has worked in digital marketing, web development, and content creation for over 15 years. Contact Inbound Digital to learn how we can help.

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Free One-Hour Consultation

If you're not sure how to develop your online marketing program, contact Inbound Digital to learn how we can help. We offer a free, one-hour phone consultation to qualified businesses. Click on the button to the right to contact us for your free consultation.