The Framework for Customer Engagement

The Internet provides businesses with a great opportunity to reach customers, interact with them, and influence them at all stages in the buying cycle. Whether through their website, e-mail, social media, or other channels, companies are listening to customers more closely and engaging with them directly. Digital marketing provides the strategic framework for this engagement, along with the tools that companies need to thrive in this environment.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing provides the tools and strategies to reach customers online, interact with them directly, and influence them at all stages in the buying cycle. Use your online presence to build awareness, promote your expertise, establish industry leadership, and grow your business.

Website Development

Your website is the hub of all your online marketing activities. It’s no longer an option! A professional website gives your business credibility. Whether your need lead generation or eCommerce, we can design a mobile-friendly website to help you reach new customers. WordPress, Shopify, and Wix.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one piece of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. Instead of giving customers a sales pitch about your products or services, content marketing provides them with valuable information, when they need it, to help them make an intelligent buying decision.

What Clients Are Saying …

John worked with us to develop a new sales channel strategy and channel pricing. He helped us focus our planning around a smaller, but more qualified target audience. He also gave us very practical feedback on our website and social media strategy. 

~ Anonymous

Sales Channel Strategy

John developed a WooCommerce store for my business. He did a fantastic job – it’s really well done. The layout looks great, the navigation is easy, and the graphics are perfect. He even added content that I didn’t think about to help with SEO.

~ Jack

WooCommerce Store

John did a great job with our Shopify website. It’s very professional, and it gives my business the credibility it needs. I’ve gotten great feedback from both customers and suppliers. 

~ Adam

Shopify eCommerce Store

I attended the 2-day Digital Marketing course. It was very informative and John was very knowledgeable. He communicated well, encouraged participation, and taught the course in a logical, easy to understand way. 

~ Mark

Digital Marketing Workshop

John designed two Shopify stores for me. They both look great. He’s easy to work with, has great ideas, and pays attention to the details. He’s a professional in every sense of the word, and I highly recommend him.

~ Anthony

Shopify eCommerce Stores

John provided very practical information, including some great free tools that I’ve already started using. The small group size allowed for an impressive amount of one-on-one instruction.

~ Lauren

Digital Marketing Workshop

This was a great beginner course for Digital Marketing professionals. John covered a lot of material. Possibly expanding on CRM basics could be helpful to less knowledgeable attendees.

~ Anonymous

Digital Marketing Workshop